Our Mission:


Our sole focus is on partner sales, support, and development, not direct sales.


Why ATTN Solutions?

ATTN Solutions is the preferred business partner of IT, MSPs, VARs, and telecom agents for delivering technology and telecom services.

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What our customers are saying:

“ATTN Solutions has been a great company to work with for ISP and telco services.  Their team has over a decades of industry experience, so they know how to leverage the right deal for the end client based on their actual needs.  Their team is very thorough is ensuring the projects are implemented efficiently with the carriers, and they will do the legwork of reaching out to them to ensure billing and implementation schedules are executed as promised.  This saves your client from having to get on the phone with the carriers, be on hold, get transferred, and often the resolution is still not found.  Like any technology provider, I like to make sure my clients are very happy and we don’t waste any of their time.  Working with Adam and ATTN Solutions allows me to execute my plan.”  – FocusConnect IT

What we offer:


We build on the most important relationship - the one between you and your customers. We designed ATTN Solutions from the ground up for entrepreneurs supporting their customers and the technology we all depend on to thrive. All that technology works best when you work with the best people. You've got big goals - and we're honored to be by your side for the journey.


The first critical question that must be answered in any partnership is, "Can I count on you?" A partner is there when you need them, day in and day out. A partner keeps their word in everything they do. We strive to be the partner helps you rest easier when entrusting us with part of your business.


Any business taken seriously can feel like a rollercoaster. But if you can put your hands up, feel the wind rush over you, and embrace the controlled chaos, fear melts into enjoyment. We take our partners' business seriously. By building the foundations of predictable recurring revenue, you can sit back and enjoy the ride a little more.


Confidence comes from execution. Our deep industry experience helps us guide our partners, align expectations, and stay on top of a fast-paced industry. By living and breathing telecom and technology infrastructure every day we are uniquely prepared to deliver on every interaction with our partners. We don't have all the answers, but we know just where to find them.


“Adam is an incredibly knowledgeable IT consultant and has help me with a number of my clients even if we don’t complete an order with him he is always willing to help with a smile. He is someone I would consider part of my team when working with my clients.”

David Brodie, Co-founder, Compare Network Solutions, Colorado Springs, CO



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  • Client Acquisition

  • Hiring and retaining tech talent staff

  • Software tech stack with margins